Caries Prevention in Durham

Prevention is always better than treatment. It is always our main objective to prevent tooth decay from happening. We will advise any preventive means to help you not develop decay. However, if decay does take place, in some cases, there are alternatives that we can discuss with you.

Arresting Caries

An image displaying the stages of caries developmentWhen indicated, caries arresting is the process by which we aim to stop decay from developing or growing. We do this utilizing fluoride-containing materials that make it very hard for decay to develop. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has been proven to be consistently successful at this.

Ask our doctors about caries arresting on your next visit.

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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is effective for treatment of hypersensitivity, tooth decay, and cavities

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antibacterial liquid clinically applied to control active dental caries and help prevent further progression of disease. This is a noninvasive method to help stop or arrest decay.

It is important to understand that treatment with Silver Diamine Fluoride will not eliminate the need for restorative dentistry to repair function or aesthetics. Restorative dentistry may include but are not limited to dental fillings, root canal therapy, and or dental crowns.

How does Silver Diamine Fluoride work?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is composed of two primary components: silver and fluoride. Silver acts as an anti-microbial agent that simultaneously strengthens the underlying protective layer of your teeth called dentin. Fluoride is the active ingredient that puts a stop to tooth decay and helps prevent additional decay from appearing.

What are the Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Quick treatment time
  • Effective cavity prevention
  • May stop tooth decay
  • Relieves tooth sensitivity

Are there risks associated with Silver Diamine Fluoride?

There are some risks associated with SDF, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Any decayed areas will stain black. Healthy tooth structure will not stain. Stained tooth structures can be replaced with a tooth filling or dental crown. SDF may discolor dental fillings and crowns.
  • If Silver Diamine Flouride is applied to skin or gums, a harmless temporary brown or white stain may appear on the area. The stain will disappear in one to three weeks. It cannot be washed off.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the success of the treatment. There is a risk that the procedure will not stop the decay, and no guarantee of success is granted or implied. If the tooth decay is not arrested, the decay will progress. In that case the tooth will require further dental treatment such as further SDF application, dental fillings, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction.

These side effects may not include all of the possible situations reported by the manufacturer.